Online book club for Reinventing Writing

How can an online book club be organized!

First meeting introductions all around. Short video or audio.

Goal of participants. Goals of facilitators.

Putting the ideas into practice. One idea at a time


Promising Practice # 10 Anti-bias, equity, and justice form the foundation of our teaching.


This “promising practice” can help develop a deep sense of place in students by respecting the distinct cultural and familial background of each child so that the child can see a reflection of themselves in the classroom and in the school culture. The creative activities of the students should be informed by their experiences and backgrounds. The student’s work is displayed and celebrated as uniquely theirs and acknowledged for its contribution to the wider community. 


I think this “promising practice” raised more questions for me than I have had time to contemplate.


Do I come to teaching from a place where I am respectful of each child’s unique gifts and experiences?  How can I change my classroom practice to help each child to “reach their full potential”?   What tools, in my case technology and media tools, can I use to create a more equitable environment for each and every student?  

I do have a mental checklist for choosing websites that reflect a diverse world.  I would like to be more deliberate in my choices to reflect not only our student body, but also the world community.  I would like to also investigate my power and privilege. What does that mean?  I grew up what I felt was privileged, but I never felt particularly powerful.  This mindset is probably detrimental to my students because I need to help them be agents of change. While our school has a strong culture of social justice, how can I expand on that in my classroom?